Renters and Guests

Information for Pointe Retreats renters and guests.

We want you to have a safe stay, which begins with being registered at the Pointe Guard House with Pointe Security (812-824-8940) before gaining access to Pointe Retreats. In case of emergency, your contact information will enable Pointe Security to respond quickly. All visiting guests and renters are subject to the same rules and regulations as members of Eagle Pointe and Pointe Retreats, including the following:

  • Please park perpendicular to curbs and bumpers to maximize parking spaces. Walkway access should remain clear of obstructions. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Each homeowner is responsible for the conduct of all visiting guests and renters associated with their unit. Please contact your rental homeowner host (or their rental agent) with your questions.
  • Any conduct violations by visiting guests and renters could result in assessment charges to the hosting homeowner and/or you.
  • The capacity for each rental unit at Pointe Retreats is two people per bedroom.
  • No pets are allowed by any visiting guests or renters, short or long-term, at Pointe Retreats. If you see pets anywhere, they should belong to homeowners only. All owner’s dogs should be leashed.
  • Rental units are residential in nature, meaning disturbing the peace restrictions preclude loud noise, large parties, group meetings or any disruptive gatherings.
  • All open flame devices are prohibited throughout Pointe Retreats, including gas and charcoal grills. Fireworks, firearms discharge and hunting, in any form, is prohibited.
  • Please keep track of your personal property such as bikes, coolers, chairs, etc., they should be stored on the rear deck or inside the rental unit.
  • All trash should be bagged and placed inside village dumpsters.

We hope you enjoy your stay and appreciate that our cautionary reminders are for the good of the entire community.