PRHOA Documents

Important documents for unit owners in Pointe Retreats village.

Below are copies (in PDF format) of Pointe Retreats declarations, amendments, by-laws, association handbook, architectural control request form, and meeting minutes.

Pointe Retreats Declarations

Pointe Retreats Declarations authorized the development of our village by the developer.

Pointe Retreats By-laws and Amendments

Created to transfer ownership of Pointe Retreats from the developer to homeowners, Pointe Retreats By-laws cannot be replaced or edited by the PRHOA Board, but can be amended by a majority vote of homeowners.

PRHOA Handbook

The Pointe Retreats Homeowners Association Handbook includes rules and regulations set forth by PRHOA board members. The PRHOA Handbook can be changed, edited and/or replaced by current board members, at their discretion, without a majority vote of homeowners.

PRHOA Architectural Control Request Form

The Pointe Retreats Architectural Control Request Form should be submitted for approval by the PRHOA Board prior to any changes or alterations to the exterior of your unit. Such changes include, but are not limited to, window and door replacement, landscaping projects, and deck modifications.

PRHOA Meeting Minutes

The Pointe Retreats HOA meets to discuss improvements, important issues within the village, and recent financials. Covid has caused open meetings to be limited in recent years. Board meeting minutes can be found below.